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Patient Comfort

To ensure your comfort during your appointments, along with state of the art technology, Rendezvous Dental is happy to offer a variety of services to encourage relaxation during your appointment. Our top priority is you, our patient, and we work hard to make sure you feel stress-free and comfortable each time you come to see us.

Watch Your Favorite Movies

We have a large selection of movies for you to choose from. We are happy to screen them during your visit, whether it is a routine teeth cleaning or completing treatment. We also welcome you to bring in your own favorite movies and we are happy to play them for you.

Laugh Through Your Procedure

Dr. Crane and Dr. Sackett know that a trip to the dentist chair can be stressful and cause apprehension. Nitrous Oxide, commonly, known as “laughing gas” is used per request during appointments to help relax patients who are tense or anxious about being at the dentist.

Make Yourself At Home

To assure your comfort during your dental appointments, along with state of the art technology we offer a variety of services to aid in relaxation during your visit. With the objective of making our patients as comfortable as possible, we happily offer neck pillows and blankets.

Cancel Out the World

Sometimes, it’s not just the dread of tooth pain that causes anxiety, but the loud and unknown noises coming from the dentists or hygienists tools that makes patients uncomfortable. In an effort to cancel out the noises that may make patients uneasy, we offer noise canceling headphones or IPod to drown it all out.